Episode 14

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31st Oct 2023

Episode 14: Evgenii Pavlov, CEO & founder @ flair

How can AI improve the recruiting process, from CV review to candidate scoring? How to comply with international legal regulations, especially regarding data privacy and the use of artificial intelligence? What are the best practices to combat bias?

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak speaks with Evgenii Pavlov, the founder and CEO of flair, a Salesforce-based HR and recruiting solution. They discuss the potential use cases of generative AI in HR and recruiting, focusing on the challenges of ensuring non-biased AI. 

Evgenii shares their company's experience with implementing AI, including automatic scoring of candidates and job description generation. They also discuss the importance of data security when sending candidate information to AI vendors. 

Finally, they discuss the challenges of staying on top of different legal requirements in different countries, especially when it comes to data privacy and AI usage. Evgenii emphasizes the importance of being able to switch off AI features and adjust to different regulations easily.

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