Episode 17

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12th Dec 2023

Episode 17: Fernando Israel, CEO at Kognoz (Invoices for Salesforce)

In this podcast episode, Jakub Stefaniak interviews Fernando Israel, CEO at Kognoz. The conversation revolves around strategies for AI integration, ways to differentiate in an AI-driven market, and ethical considerations when incorporating AI into business applications.

Fernando shares insights on the impact of AI in the business application landscape. He explores strategies for businesses to effectively integrate AI, emphasizing the need for innovation while maintaining a customer-centric approach. The discussion covers topics such as automating processes, personalization, and user experience.

Additionally, Fernando discusses the ethical and compliance challenges that come with AI integration, highlighting the importance of balancing AI adoption with effective problem-solving tailored to specific business needs. The episode concludes with a focus on AI's role in enhancing productivity while acknowledging the continued importance of human expertise.

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About the Podcast

AI Innovation meets AppExchange
Expert Insights from leaders in the Ecosystem
"AI Innovation meets AppExchange: Expert Insights from Leaders in the Ecosystem" is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the impact of AI on the AppExchange ecosystem, challenges faced during implementation, opportunities for product development, and ethical considerations.

Hosted by Jakub Stefaniak, the VP of Technology Strategy and Innovation, the podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs and executives from ISV or OEM AppExchange partners. The podcast follows a one-on-one conversation format, with a flexible discussion rather than a formal interview.

Each episode runs for approximately 20-25 minutes and will be made available as both a video and podcast recording for the audience. Discussions around AI's impact on the AppExchange, opportunities, and ethical considerations will showcase industry experts' knowledge of the AI space and drive positive change in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The podcast will create a platform for engaging conversations, encouraging dialogue between industry experts and listeners and helping to establish a network of professionals interested in AI within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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